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A Place With Pinwheels

13:18 minutes / 2018



On a neighbouring Chinese island closest to Taiwan, the local government attempts to attract a large number of Taiwanese citizens to migrate and do business by transforming its underdeveloped fishing island into a coastal metropolis. Whilst the policy has been proven futile, Ah-Gao and a group of street children secretly living in a newly-built but abandoned building, hear a heroic tale and dream of going to Taiwan in a legendary way……

Film Info

Countries of Production            China, United Kingdom

Shooting Format                     2K Panasonic Varicam LT

Screening Format                    DCP 2K

Aspect Ratio                          2:39:1 

Sound                                  5.1

Languages                            Mandarin Chinese, Pingtan Dialect 


Tian Ze Qiu, Zhe Han Zheng


© The London Film School 2018


Writer/Director                          Alfred Seiya Lam

Producer                                    Othmane Balafrej 

Line Producer                            Alex Ravinranath 

Production Manager                 Xiao Jie Lin

Director of Photography          Cameron Ward

Gaffer                                         ET Ng

1st Camera Assistant                Joan Vincente Durà

2nd Camera Assistant               Chien Yu Lin

1st Assistant Director                Meng Wei Ge

2nd Assistant Director              Joachim Rossel

Editor                                         Emanuele Bonomi

Sound Recordist                        De Zhou Li

Production Designer                 Christine Wu/Dheeraj Malhan

Music                                          Hank Lee

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